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"Beyond Green"


We concluded it would be impossible to find anything "greener" than this to replace commercial cleaning chemicals.

lotus PRO Benefits:           click for:  lotus Pro - How It Works


Performance Highlights

*  Clean furniture, fixtures, windows, mirrors, counter tops, sinks, floors, walls, restrooms, drinking fountains, food service areas; anywhere you would use a chemical cleaner, with no residues or odors.  

*  Deodorize drapes, bed linens and comforters  

*  Safely remove stains from broadloom, upholstery and other water safe fabrics  

*  Clean all bathroom fixtures including floor, wall, shower grouting, toilet bowls, urinals.

*  Spray into the air and / or AC units to eliminate musty odors in guest rooms, sports bags, automobiles. 

*  Fast and easy sanitization for spa and gym areas, saunas, kitchens, dining facilities, day care areas, common use areas and rest rooms.


Fast & Powerful

Quickly kills viruses and bacteria including E.coli, salmonella, MRSA, C-Difficile, and hundreds of other common germs. Removes stains and odors. Faster and stronger than bleach and chlorine-based chemical cleaners. 


Completely Green

100% chemical-free. No toxins, carcinogens or chemical residues. OSHA, TURI, UL and LEED compliant. No wasteful transportation, packaging or disposal. 


Cost Effective

Eliminate the need to purchase, transport, warehouse, distribute, store and restock multiple cleaning chemicals. No safety training, compliance or reporting required. 


User Friendly

*  No multiple guess - lotus PRO works on any type of surface - without a cart full of chemicals: from toilet bowls to bedspreads, lotus is your one-stop cleaning answer.   



Money back if not completely satisfied. Comprehensive 1 year parts and service warranty, backed by ongoing one-on-one customer support and training programs.