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"Beyond Green"


We concluded it would be impossible to find anything "greener" than this to replace commercial cleaning chemicals.

High Capacity Unit
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100% Chemical-Free Commercial Cleaning System

No Toxins, Carcinogens or Chemical Residues.

Ideal For: * Hotels / Motels * Spas * Auto Dealerships & Service Shops * Schools & Universities * Hospitals * Government & Military* Fitness Centers* Cruise Ships * Yachts & Marinas * Sports Arenas / Stadiums *Condominiums* Child Care & Nursery Facilities* Grocery Stores* Restaurants *Offices* Theme Parks* *Theaters * Fitness Centers * Estate Homes * Golf Clubs *Transportation Centers * Airports & Aviation * Bus & Subway Stations * Truck Stops * Contractors * Hydroponics * Growhouses *Produce Processing* Warehouses * Floor Cleaning, Restoration & Maintenance and many other surface cleaning applications.

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The lotus Professional Cleaning System turns ordinary tap water into a powerful ozone solution, that works as a chemical-free cleaner and sanitizer for 4 hours with Stabilizer I Module. 


All without the use of synthetic chemicals. What's more is the Ozone Solution produced from the chemless lotus PRO machines will work in any spray bottle, automatic scrubbers, carpet extractors, mop buckets and any container intended for cleaning solution. No need to replace your current equipment to get behind Green Cleaning! 


Ozone is a naturally occurring compound. When water is infused with ozone, it creates a safe, natural oxidizer, cleaner, and sanitizer. Removes soil, odors, stains, mold, mildew and many other contaminants from all types of surfaces. Clean fixtures, counter-tops, tables, glass, mirrors, chrome, floors, carpets, tile, granite, stainless, furniture, equipment, upholstery and more.

All without the use of chemicals!


How It Works:

Both the lotus PRO High Capacity System (4 gal / minute) and Trigger Spray w/ Charging Station create an ozone based cleaning solution by filtering oxygen molecules (O2) from the air, and passing them through 4,500 volts of electricity, transforming them into ozone (Oз) and then infusing the ozone into water.  


Every lotus PRO Charging Station comes with a built-in micro processor that confirms the successful creation of this powerful solution.

1. Cold tap water enters thru lotus PRO stabilizer module and into the device.
2. Oxygen enters device through replaceable filter cartridge.
3. 4,500 volts of electricity transforms Oxygen (O2) to Ozone gas (O3).
4. Ozone is then mixed with cold tap water stream creating "aqueous ozone".
5. Ozone gas not saturated in tap water is separated and safely discharged as oxygen.
6. Aqueous ozone leaves dispenser at 2.5gpm to fill trigger and back-back sprayers, mop buckets, carpet extractors, auto scrubbers and fruit / vegetable misting systems.


How It Cleans:


The aqueous ozone solution created by the lotus PRO System has been proven effective as a chemless cleaning solution. It kills bacteria in much the same way as a chemical agent in that they both attack the cell wall. However, in the case of our ozone solution, bacterial cells absorb the solution just as they would water, and then ozone ruptures the cell wall from the inside out, destroying the cell. Once these cells are killed, they are suspended within the solution and can easily be removed from the surface with the simple wipe of a clean cloth or mop. Manufacturer claims the high capacity unit with 114K stabilizer module provides 4 hours of sanitizing and cleaning strength time. With 118K module, up to 24 hours.


The solution cleans by reacting with large organic compounds, such as proteins. Proteins are considered the building blocks of all organic matter. Proteins are composed of strings of amino acids, held together by peptide bonds. Essentially the unstable 3rd oxygen atom breaks these peptide bonds, destroying the proteins, leaving behind base amino acids. These base amino acids then continue to react with ozone and break down into even smaller inert inactive matter. Depending on incoming tap water temperature, purity and dissolved ozone concentration produced by a device, aqueous ozone solution breaks down red wine, tomato juice, fatty acids, oils, dyes, urine, mold, mildew, coffee, tea, and much, much more.


How To Make Your Facility Chemical Free:

When delivering quantity is essential to cleaning your facility, the Hi-Capacity unit is best suited. For general purpose spray and wipe applications, use the portable Lotus Pro Trigger Spray unit. For floors, use the Mop Bottle that is compatible with the 3M Easy Scrub Floor Care System.


Replace an array of chemical cleaners with a single and safer alternative, the

Lotus Professional Cleaning System from LP Distribution of Florida.


If you have any questions, or would like to schedule a demonstration, please contact your LP Distribution of Florida representative, email info@taycon.com