LP Distribution of Florida

"Beyond Green"


We concluded it would be impossible to find anything "greener" than this to replace commercial cleaning chemicals.

Cost Savings and

Regulatory Peace of Mind


EPA Site Registration No.: 82126-CHN-001 (Trigger Sprayer Unit Only)

TURI Testing: Safety screening score: 50 out of 50. (Trigger Sprayed Unit Only)


Labor Savings
Eliminates Rinse Step
Ozone solution reverts back to water and oxygen and leaves no chemical residues

No Safety Training Required
    OSHA (HMIS - 0,0,0,A)

Eliminates 5-6 Products from Supply Closet
    Reduce On-site Storage / Product Preparation
Reduce Trips to Custodial Closet
    Fill Spray and Mop Refill Bottles and Charge as Needed


Increased Employee Safety, Health and Productivity

Reduce Worker Compensation Claims


Preservation of the Environment
No Chemical Waste
Reduce Consumption of Natural Resources
No Air Pollutants
Minimal Impact on Carbon Footprint
Reduce Packaging
Reduce Supply Chain Costs
No Negative Impact on Wastewater Treatment

Human Health and Safety

University of Massachusetts Lowell Laboratory - (Trigger Sprayer Unit Only)
No Exposure to Chemicals
No Negative Impact on Indoor Air Quality
No Allergens or Toxins
OSHA Hazard Communication Standard
TURI (Toxics Use Reduction Institute)

HMIS Rating: (0,0,0,A)
Safety Rating: TURI - 50 (maximum safety score - Trigger Spray Unit Only)


CSA & UL: USA and Canada compliant (pending)

NSF Testing and Registration - remains pending since April 2012

Green Standard: Unverified Claim to Exceed Green Seal Environmental Standards for Industrial and Institutional Cleaning (GS-37)

Canadian Standards Administration (CSA)
    * Tested for Electrical Safety and Ozone Emissions
    * Confirmed to meet or exceed UL Standards